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Preventative Maintenance Software Procedure Libraries

Paper Preventive maintenance procedure library
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The preventative maintenance software procedure library is a database of all the preventative maintenance (PM) procedures required for the maintainable assets in the system. This is not as important as it once was since most people are capable of maintaining good records using Microsoft Word or some other Word Processor.

Manual Preventative Maintenance System

In a paper or manual system separate records will be held in regular files as depicted above. These will contain details of preventative maintenance to be carried out on equipment. Each time a PM is scheduled the technician will need to refer to the procedure on file.

With statutory or mandatory procedures this leads to quality and document control problems since inevitably, technicians will retain personal and perhaps outdated, copies of these procedures.




Computerised Preventative Maintenance Software

Man Looking at PM ProceduresWith computerised preventative maintenance software, up to date procedures can be printed (or for the environmentally conscious - viewed) each time the maintenance is due.

Once technicians have been trained in the system they should have access to the e-library at all times and there is no need or inclination for them to keep personal copies. When a change is required to be made to a preventative maintenance software procedure it is carried out on the library document, ensuring that all people who subsequently refer to it will see the amended version. Most modern software packages will satisfy the documentation requirements of ISO9002.

It is generally desirable to have a system that allows many assets to be linked to a single procedure since, when the procedure requires to be modified, this needs to be done once only. All linked assets will continue to use the modified version in the library. For example, all the pump motors in a plant may be maintained using a common pump motor maintenance procedure.

In most preventative maintenance software systems if an amendment to the procedure is necessary this is done on the master procedure in the library. All assets linked to that preventative maintenance procedure would then be maintained in accordance with the amended procedure.

Note: The terms 'Preventive Maintenance' and 'Preventative Maintenance' are interchangeable.





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