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(Maintenance Tracking Software)

If you are seeking a CMMS or maintenance tracking software for your plant have a look at the options we offer here. MORE INFO>

This section provides detailed information about the features and functions of CMMS and CAFM as maintenance tracking software.

What is a CMMS? (Maintenance Tracking Software Introduction)

tracking software plant engineer imageComputerised Maintenance Management Systems, Predictive Maintenance or maintenance tracking software systems are now a necessary part of managing and controlling assets, plant and equipment maintenance in modern manufacturing, facilities and service industries. Often perceived to be no more than a fancy means of scheduling preventative maintenance work they are capable of much more than this. [What is Maintenance Management?]

Maintenance tracking is very important in most organisations and this section of the site provides you with information on this as well as a comprehensive description of the important functions that are available.

Comprehensive information on Maintenance Tracking and CMMS features is available through the "What is a CMMS Menu" on the right. This information will help to determine the requirements of both those who are considering CMMS for the first time, and those who are changing or upgrading their system.

The CMMS information here is provided free, for your personal use, and it should not be copied or used commercially. It is quite detailed and it may be that, as Winston Churchill once said, "This report, by its very length, defends itself against the very risk of being read". Of course you have the alternative of contacting us then we can do it for you.




CMMS and Maintenance Tracking Software Failure Rate

Tracking Software Failure DefinitionMany CMMS's and maintenance tracking software packages fail soon after implementation (as many as 70%). This is generally because they have been badly specified. Quite often it is not until after the implementation is complete that users realise their new system does not meet their needs. This is understandable. Typically, prospective CMM users may be consulted about what they would like from the system, but quite often they are not in a position to comment, as they are not fully aware of what is available. "You can't provide the answer if you don't know the question!"

It is very important that prospective purchasers ask themselves a few questions before making a decision. Many companies spend thousands of pounds on complex, enterprise asset management systems (EAM's) for which they have little use. It is only after they are installed that it becomes apparent that perhaps only 5 to 10% of the functionality will be used. An early feasibility study will prevent this and you must be clear on the following:


In summary, much thought, planning and discussion must take place before you will be in a position to make any decision on your requirements. Top>





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