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CMMS specification and  evaluation imageCMMS Software Evaluation and Selection

Some people are reluctant to employ consultants to evaluate software on their behalf but the problem with doing it yourself is that it is difficult knowing how or where to start.

How does one evaluate CMMS software? How do you know what functions and features to look for in the CMMS application package?


A Good CMMS Software Evaluation Solution is now Available!

We spent a few weeks researching the features of many of the CMMS systems that are now available and came up with a unique CMMS selection, specification and evaluation method that asks you all the right questions about the systems you are evaluating.

We provide a CMMS template/specification spreadsheet that can you can use to create your own software specification and send it to any vendor(s) you select. When you have done so you then use the spreadsheet to enter their details to come up with their score and ranking.


Completing the software evaluation spreadsheet could not be easier. Here's a sample of what it looks like:

cmms software evaluation spreadsheet

The spreadsheet is divided into tables of CMMS features. You simply add your own weighting factor to the features that are important to you then rank each vendor for these features, it's as simple as that. The evaluation spreadsheet covers the following headings.



The specification document that is included will provide you with all you need to know to let you create your own specification for presentation to the vendor(s).

Creating and researching this CMMS evaluation and specification method took us took us many hours if development time and it could save you a couple of weeks or more through doing your own evaluation and specification.

It is now available for only £99.00. If you feel that you would benefit further from email support (unlimited) during the process we will provide this for 60 days for £50.00.

CMMS Evaluation Spreadsheet linkYour CMMS Specification and Evaluation Kit includes:


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