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Facilities Management Software Costs

Facilities Management Software CostsPeople can be sceptical when claims are made about big savings on Facilities Management Software and CMMS Systems. Often it is difficult to prove that there are real savings to be made. You won't have that problem with Perspective CMMS.

We Really can Save you Money on your Facility Management Software and CMMS Applications!

Just let us know what Facilities Management software budget you have and we will almost certainly be able to find you a suitable CMMS or CAFM software package at much less than would have expected to pay. One client budgeted £15K, the CMMS solution we found for them cost £4K. This is not untypical.

The cheaper Facilities Management Software solution that we recommended was more than capable of meeting all the client's requirements. Whether you have £1K or £100K in your budget we will be able to make significant savings against what you would spend without our help.

Hold on to your money until we have had a look at your requirements. We'll let you know not how much but how little you need to spend.

Free Facilities Management Software Selection Service

Our CMMS and Facilities Management software selection service is free. Contact us to find out more ... a chat will cost you nothing and could save you thousands. Even if you have selected your software and you have a quotation talk to us before accepting this. We may be able to renegotiate the price on your behalf.

We have contacts in several Facilities Management Software houses and they will often be able to reduce their price after we speak to them.

Also, if you have a software quotation that you cannot afford get in touch with us and we should be able to advise you how to get this quote reduced.

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