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COSSH Assessment Software (Control of Substances Hazardous to Health)

The use of harmful and hazardous substances, carcinogens and chemicals in the workplace can cause damage the health of your employees. The COSHH regulations were created to ensure that employers controlled this situation. These regulations are policed by the UK Health and Safety Executive (HSE), which is responsible for certain health, safety and other inspections here in the UK.

COSHH Regulations are enforced by the HSE and in its enforcement role it follows these internal operational procedures.


Please note that COSHH is included in the UK's criminal law system. Breaking the regulations is breaking the law and punishable by fines or even jail sentences. The UK Health and Safety Executive Website offers advice on COSHH and advises that employers can reduce employees exposure to harmful and hazardous substances by...


COSHH Assessment Software for Managing COSHH Requirements

On this page we will be featuring COSHH Assessment Software and safety management software. Call back soon for more information.

COSHH Assessment Software can be used to help you manage COSHH compliance in your business. As with Risk Assessment Software, locally installed systems are available but more and more COSHH Assessment Software packages are now web based.

Some of the requirement are detailed below but we recommend that you seek professional advice or use COSHH Assessment Software to do your assessments.



DISCLAIMER: The above list has been compiled in good faith but we are not health and safety consultants. you should always seek professional advice and/or training in COSHH Assessment.



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