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Information on the Price of CMMS, CAFM and Facility Maintenance Software


cmms cost analogyCMMS costs and prices can vary tremendously. At one end of the scale, you can buy a "shrink wrapped", package off the shelf from a CMMS provider for less than £500 (or $800 USD). This may be all that you require.

At the other end, Enterprise Asset Management systems (EAM's) may cost hundreds of thousands of pounds.

These would generally be used by large, multi-site companies and would be part of their enterprise systems.

SAP, Datastream and MRO Maximo are examples of EAM providers.

For smaller companies with a limited number of users users a suitable system should be available for between £500 and £10,000 (approximately $800 - $16K). There are so many systems costing less and less that they are now within reach of even the smallest companies.


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CMMS and CAFM Cost Differences

Maintenance ShopFor SMEs and with modern database technology there is generally not much difference in performance between a £1,000, low cost CMMS package and one costing £10,000. CMMS (and other) preventive maintenance software vendors feed on each other's ideas. When an innovative CMMS feature is introduced by a vendor you can be sure that several others will include this in their next revision. this is all to your benefit. Over the years this has ensured that the features and functionality offered is broadly similar amongst all the vendors.

This is not to say that they are all the same. The better packages are generally easier to use. Data input will be intuitive, and meaningful CMMS reports will be easily obtained. Some vendors tell you that their application is more friendly than others but this is very much subjective. The user is the only one who can judge software "user friendliness".




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