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CMMS Insider's guideCMMS Insider's Guide - A Paper on CAFM and CMMS Implementation

Maintenance Management Software Guide

A few years ago Perspective CMMS produced a very well received technical document about CMMS and Maintenance Management Software called "An Impartial View of CMMS Selection". This was distributed free on the Internet from various sources.

The ongoing response we were receiving from this highlighted the need to both bring it up to date and to significantly expand it. As a result we set out to re-write it, virtually doubling its size and content.

The current "CMMS Insider's Guide" is a 25 page technical document that covers just about all you need to know about CMMS, maintenance management software and its implementation in easily understood language. You don't have to be a maintenance expert to appreciate this. If you are new to this discipline and looking for maintenance management software information this will be a valuable aid.

CMMS Guide Contents



This is an excellent, independent CMMS Guide and report on current Maintenance Management Software. It will lead you through the process of CMMS specification, selection and implementation. It also outlines the functions you can expect in a CMMS to allow you to make up your mind what you need for your maintenance department. It will also help those who are using old CMMS systems and considering an upgrade to a modern package.

CMMS Guide

The document includes several tables of checklists that you can use to help you develop your maintenance management software specification.

The swatch shown on the right shows a typical table as included in the document. This one is related to planned work order features.

Also included in this offer are the following free documents to assist you in your implementation:


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