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palmtop for CMMSPDAs, Tablet and Pocket PCs, Palmtop PCs and Software for CAFM and CMMS Systems

Some companies are now equipping their maintenance and engineering personnel with PDA's, Tablet PCs or other portable and handheld computers. This allows them to remotely access the CMMS system containing historical details of faults, outstanding work orders and maintenance procedures.

PDA Software for CMMS systems has also been specially developed for this purpose and some companies are offering PDA software that has been developed for use exclusively on PDAs and Tablet PCs.

On large sites, or multi-site operations the benefits of this are obvious. Technicians can go to the remote stations, carry out the work and input the data to their PDA. When they get back to base they can upload the information to the main system.

With wireless technology becoming popular it is now possible to have the PDAs connected wirelessly meaning that they can connect to the CMMS database in real time.

Bar coding can also be used whereby a bar code label is fixed to each asset. The technician then need only scan the asset tag to get full equipment history or to access the equipment record for update purposes.

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