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Manual Maintenance Systems (Paper Based)

Manual (paper based) preventative maintenance systems have been around for many years. Usually these are little more than a record of the planned maintenance done, with a card system being used to determine when it is next due.

These have had limited success because of:



Manual Systems for Maintenance Control

manual maintenance systemIn a typical manual or paper based maintenance system, each item of equipment or asset will have a history card or file. This file will contain the asset's detailed description, along with information on preventive maintenance procedures to be used, periodicities, trades required, last maintenance dates, and perhaps some meaningless historical information or advice about a breakdown, which occurred years ago! (It will also have a few oily fingerprints!)

To determine what maintenance is due requires someone to examine every card, check the last preventive maintenance dates against the periodicities and select those which are due. Hard copies of the appropriate maintenance procedures must then be located in the PM file before work instructions can be raised and issued to the relevant trade persons.

Upon completion of the work, the completed work instructions must be returned, the relevant asset's file re-selected, details updated to advise future users and the file replaced in its storage location.

Whether one or several persons are involved in the completion of these tasks, many man-hours are required and proper support of any reasonable sized system of this type can become a full time occupation.


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