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Information on Risk Assessment Software

Risk Assessment Software is used to help companies manage Health and Safety and fire safety. It can also be used to help you remain compliant and to manage environmental health and safety and assess fire risks. Apart from the obvious safety implications this can also be important for insurance purposes.

The UK Health and Safety Executive website identifies five steps in risk assessment. These are as follows.


Risk Assessment Procedures

Clearly these procedures in risk assessment and fire risk assessment must be carried out by trained personnel. If you are doing this in house then you will be required to ensure that you have staff suitably trained in risk assessment techniques. Many companies now outsource risk management and employ risk assessment contractors to do their assessments for them.

Third party risk assessment contractors and health and safety advisors are however expensive and companies are now looking at alternatives. Risk Assessment Software (or safety Management Software) is one of these.



Fire & Risk Assessment Software Features and Advantages

As with COSHH assessment software, locally installed systems are available but more and more Risk Assessment Software packages are now web based. This means that you do not have to install them locally. There is no need for new hardware and the software can be accessed from anywhere through a web browser and Internet connection. The risk assessment software vendor sets your system up for you and you pay an annual fee for this service.

Maintenance ShopThe software vendors will also offer support as part of this package. This is obviously quite important but most risk management software now includes detailed online help and guidance to those who are using it.

Another advantage of this type of system is that all of your fire and safety records are securely stored in the one place. This helps keep you compliant and makes all of your risk and fire safety documents readily available for any audits that you are undergoing.

The software is often modular and you may be able to rent only those modules that are required in your organisation. Other applications will offer all modules and options as a package.



Fire & Risk Assessment Modules

Typical of the modules that will be provided are...

Some applications will also offer Occupational Health Management options such as ...



On this page we hope to soon be featuring fire and risk assessment software.

Call back soon for more information.


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