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Controlling Maintenance by Sub Contractors

Many companies now employ sub-contractors to carry out work such as special equipment maintenance, Portable Appliance Testing (PAT), other safety and mandatory checks, painting, window cleaning, refurbishment and other repairs.

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Some CMMS and particularly CAFM packages now offer an option or module that is designed to facilitate this. In Facility Management for example, in a large shopping mall, this may be important.

Portable Appliance Testing

In the UK some companies employ contractors to carry out their Portable Appliance Testing (PAT). Most CMMS and CAFM systems can be used to record results if required. PAT testing is recommended ...


Note that there is a popular misconception that PAT testing is a legal requirement in the UK. Many of the companies that sell these services either imply or state that this is the case. The truth is that The Health and Safety Executive went out of their way to produce a leaflet that debunks the myth,

They say, "The law requires employers to assess risks and take appropriate action. HSE’s advice is that for most office electrical equipment, visual checks for obvious signs of damage or simple tests by a competent member of staff are sufficient. That is not to say that PAT testing is a bad idea. Clearly there is a requirement for employers to observe best practice in ensuring the safety of their employees. The HSE explain the PAT testing requirements in more detail here.

More information on Portable Appliance Testing (or PAT Testing) can be found at, which is a non commercial web site offering general advice on this.



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