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Benefits of Using a CMMS System

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Measuring up the Benefits of CMMS Software


CMMS Benefits GraphCMMS Benefits and ROI from Computerised Maintenance Management Software may be difficult to calculate and the transition from a manual plant maintenance or asset management system to the use of computerised facilities maintenance or computerized maintenance management software may call for a substantial investment.


The true benefits and ROI on a CMMS implementation will be very much dependent on the suitability of the selected CMMS software package, the effectiveness of its implementation and the commitment of all personnel who are involved in the implementation to the new system.

"When you can measure what you are speaking about and express it in numbers, you know something about it; but when you cannot measure it, when you cannot express it in numbers, your knowledge is of a meagre and unsatisfactory kind."
[Lord Kelvin 1884]

Benefits that can be Achieved through a CMMS

Overall, a reduction in the departmental maintenance budget of between 5% and 15% can be reasonably expected. Most vendors sell their packages using some or all of the following benefits.

If all breakdown statistics are collected for the first few months then the areas where preventative maintenance is required will become self-evident. Failure trends will also be self-evident and corrective actions can be identified. If your computerized maintenance management software has a suitable report generator this will make the generation of effective maintenance statistics a speedy, simple task.


ISO9000 Accreditation

What is ISO9000? Basically, it is an internationally recognised certification that is used to demonstrate that a company is able to consistently operate within high quality standards. It can be simply defined as, "saying what you do", "doing what you say" and proving that you have done it. Properly implemented (and operated) computerized maintenance management software can ensure that maintenance departments conform to this standard.

CMMS and Conformance with Health and Safety Standards

Many plant maintenance procedures and safety checks are mandatory. The issue of the correct procedures at the correct time interval becomes an easy task.

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Compliance with Industry Regulatory Standards

Some industries such as food processing, pharmaceuticals and petrochemicals require that your asset management systems comply with the national or international standards, which regulate their industry. Several CMMS and FMS software packages list specific industry compliances as a feature. If you require such compliance then you should select an application that does so for your industry.

In conclusion, whatever the claims made by the supplier, one of the main benefits to be gained from maintenance management software is that it helps and encourages the user to focus on good maintenance and preventive maintenance practice. As previously stated, procedures become formalised and organised through having to conform to the requirements of the new system. The two lists below illustrate a few of the common differences in an organised versus a disorganised maintenance department.

Badly Managed Maintenance Problems

Benefits of Well Managed Maintenance




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