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CMMS Implementation and Training for Facilities, Process and Manufacturing Industries

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CMMS Implementation or implementing a Facility Management system can cause a significant drain on your maintenance resources. We can work on site for you, filling this temporary gap, and ensuring that your valuable maintenance resources remain available for their core tasks.

CMMS Implementation Team

When your system has been selected we can assist you through the whole computerised maintenance software implementation and staff training process. This process will of course, be dependent on the size and complexity of the CMMS implementation. It could be a two hour job on a single PC or a three-month task.

CMMS Implementation - Factors Affecting This

Factors that can affect your CMMS implementation include the status of your existing maintenance and engineering documentation and also the expertise of your maintenance personnel. However with a properly selected computerized maintenance software system neither need be a major problem. One pre-requisite is that you should have prepared a full inventory list of your plant and equipment and its locations. This need not necessarily be in a database but the process is simplified if it is.

cmms implementation suspicionDuring the implementation staff training will depend on the existing PC skill base, the complexity of the selected computerised maintenance software and the numbers of users.

If this is your first CMMS implementation, something to be anticipated is antagonism from your maintenance personnel. The introduction of plant maintenance monitoring systems is sometimes viewed with suspicion, as some kind of "big brother" project. Your knowledge of your own personnel will allow you to determine the likely effects of this.

In some cases functions such as the measurement of technician's time should be avoided with the initial implementation. This can be introduced at a later date, when your people have gained confidence in the system. With a good implementation, fears are generally allayed when the benefits of the new, computerized maintenance system become obvious to all involved.



Computerised Maintenance Management System (CMMS) Implementation Program

The following list details a typical computerised maintenance management system implementation program.


* Training of engineering personnel can often be provided by the CMMS software vendor. This will involve additional costs of around £600 to £900 per day. This is often an unnecessary expense. It is much better to nominate your own company's CMMS champion during the CMMS Implementation, who can be trained to the required level before passing this training on to the other CMMS users. When we are involved we can also provide you with telephone support when we are off site.





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