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software evaluation




What is ERP Software (Enterprise Resource Planning)?

The FREE, SOFTWARE EVALUATION website provides a spreadsheet that allows visitors to enter the features that are of most interest to them in their specific software application. All types of software can be evaluated using this valuable resource, which is freely available and requires no registration or contact details to be submitted.



Evaluating software

ERP Software, CAD Software, Accounting and Financial Software, Property Management and Enterprise Asset Management Software can all be compared to ensure that you choose the software application that is best for your particular requirements.


Software Evaluation - What is EAM (Enterprise Asset Management Software)?

ERP Software (Enterprise Resource Planning) is the control of business processes using a software package that integrates all the business functions in an enterprise by storing their data on a common database. An ERP Software package is not really about either Resources or Planning but it is definitely about controlling everything that happens in your business with an Enterprise Software System.

Some of the functions of ERP are manufacturing, shipping, order fulfillment, Inventory and Accounting. All processes from manufacturing to receiving orders, to shipping, invoicing and accounts payable are included on this common, ERP database.

Go to the ERP Software Requirements Specification website



EAM Software

EAM or Enterprise Asset Management Software differs from ERP Software in that it is relates only to a company's assets. In this case all of the information about a company's assets is stored on a common database.

Some of the functions of EAM software are to manage and track all the costs associated with assets. These will include asset management, inventory tracking against the assets, work management, budgeting in the maintenance department, asset performance and statistical reporting.

The EAM software will also integrate with other systems such as that controlling BOM, manufacturing software scheduling, general ledger, projects and planning.

Go to the ERP Software Requirements Specification website



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