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Affordable CMMS Solution Selection

thinking about affordable cmms systems imageAffordable CMMS Systems are available and they need not be too expensive. There are several affordably priced or even cheap CMMS systems available from vendors that will serve some users as well as systems costing ten times more.

However, the process of selecting a CMMS can become a minefield of unintelligible acronyms, jargon and references to obscure techniques. Sometimes you cannot see the wood for the trees so you must ensure that your CMMS requirements are clear.

Know what you want and go for it!



Need an Affordable CMMS? First you should ensure that your CMMS Requirements, Goals and Targets are Defined

Affordable cmms goals and expectationsYou may be considering an Enterprise Asset Management System (EAM)? These have their place in some large organisations but the effects of trying to link all your maintenance systems into an accounting system can be counter productive.

You must be aware that a system like this will put a major, permanent drain on your resources.

Consider carefully your requirement for this because maintenance functionality may have to sacrificed for the benefit of your accountants.

We all know that the main objective of a car sales vendor is to sell cars. When you walk into a car showroom to buy a car you would not be surprised if the vendor tried to talk you up to a more expensive model. In most instances you won't go for this because you will have Car analogy image for affordable CMMS Selectiondecided beforehand what you can afford and what your requirements are.

Why? Well, the main reason is that we all know something about cars, e.g. what size we need, body style, the engine capacity, number of doors, colour, etc.

Similarly, the main objective of CMMS vendors is to sell software solutions. But in this case it is surprisingly common for their customers to purchase a system without any background knowledge of the product.

Even the affordable CMMS packages are now very feature rich. Software vendors develop them this way so that they can demonstrate that they can meet all your requirements.

It is unlikely however, that they will fully explain the amount of time, resources and expertise required to make all these functions work and, make no mistake about it, the operation of a CMMS can be complex and time consuming.

We can provide assistance to ensure that you are matched to the most suitable and affordable CMMS solution. You will be buffered from the hard sell by the CMMS vendors, whose priority is to get you to purchase their particular system. The selection and implementation process will also create a temporary drain on your resources, which you may not be able to afford. It makes sound financial sense to use a temporary resource to deal with this temporary problem.

Many of the options offered by a new CMMS system will be completely unfamiliar to prospective customers. This does not only apply to smaller companies. Quite frequently larger companies or corporations spend hundreds of thousands of pounds on Enterprise Asset Management systems that are just not suitable for the purposes of the people that are called upon to use them.

These situations often arise through IT departments playing a major role in software selection when they know little about the CMMS software requirements of the maintenance people. We have witnessed this situation, which usually occurs as a result of users not being sufficiently consulted regarding their requirements. A detailed CMMS audit and analysis of your needs will prevent this. It may be that a full CMMS implementation is not the answer for you. If so you will be advised accordingly.

Another good article on CMMS pitfalls is available at the Maintenance Technology online website via this link:




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