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Maintenance Reports and Statistics from a CMMS

maintenance reports and statisticsMaintenance reports and Statistics are arguably the most important feature available from a CMMS package. This is especially so in operations where a large number of faults occur that require close statistical analysis as part of a continuous improvement process.

In any downtime critical plant, facility or property, maintenance reports and statistical output is extremely important.

The maintenance statistics that are derived from the software system data may also be used to set up maintenance Key Performance Indicators or KPI's.

In other plants, facilities and properties maintenance cost reports may be more important. This may be in a situation where the cost of equipment maintenance is closely monitored to determine when equipment is past its "sell by date".




Maintenance Reporting Requirements

Maintenance reporting requirements and the statistics available must be carefully considered when evaluating a CMMS and you must ensure that the application can meet these requirements. You may prefer to specify a system that allows custom maintenance reports to be created.

This is often offered as an option. Ensure that at the very least you can specify reports over a selected time period for selected areas, locations, departments, equipment and personnel.

On many systems you will find statistical and maintenance reports that are close to, but not exactly what you need. In these cases you may prefer to look for a system whose report editor allows you to save a file under a different name then edit it suit your needs.



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