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CMMS Specification Offer and Vendor Information


If you are about to purchase maintenance software and need CMMS information to create a specification we can do this for you at no charge. Why waste many hours researching something that we can do on your behalf?


CMMS specification MeetingCMMS Specification Process

We will email you our free software requirements survey. You then complete this and submit your data to us. When you return it we will analyse it and get back to you with any questions we may have.

We can exchange further information by telephone or email to ensure that we have all the information necessary to create the final CMMS specification. This can then be presented to the vendor(s).

We will contact the CMMS vendor(s) for you and, if the project warrants it, arrange a software demonstration. The vendor will provide a quote for what you need and you may then make your final decision.

Please note that for low-cost projects vendors my not be willing to provide on-site demos.

It would be unreasonable to expect them to incur expenses of perhaps £500 to demonstrate a package on a sale worth less than about £2k or £3K. If the selected vendor is in your vicinity however they may be willing to do so. If, after this process is complete, you are not happy with the selected software we will find you up to two more vendors, again at no charge.



Conditions of your CMMS Specification Offer

After finding your software vendor(s) all we ask is that we are permitted to introduce you to them. We may then negotiate a small referral fee, which they are happy to pay for business that they would not have attracted themselves. We can guarantee that this will not affect the price you will pay.

You must therefore be in a position to purchase your software at the end of the audit. This is the next part of the process so you must have funds available for this. Please do not waste our time by submitting your data when you have no immediate intention of proceeding with your software purchase and implementation.

You need only agree to let us introduce you to the vendor or vendors. After this you are under no obligation of any kind and you may negotiate freely with the chosen vendor. We can also do this on your behalf if you prefer. This is your choice, but it is worth remembering that we can often get the vendor to reduce the list price for you.

If at the end of the process you decide that you do not want to proceed with your project, for any reason, we reserve the right to invoice you for up to £299 for any work done. (Sorry, but we had to impose this condition to stop people from wasting our time.)


Your Unconditional CMMS Software Specification Option

If you prefer to do this yourself consider using our
CMMS, Maintenance Software Specification Kit

Should you require a formal CMMS software specification to present to vendors of your own choice and you prefer not to be bound by our conditions we will create this for you for a small charge of only £499 (or approximately $950 USD).


Contact us if you are interested.


Please note: For whatever reason, you may raise an enquiry with Perspective CMMS that subsequently you decide not to pursue. This is, of course, your right and you would probably have genuine reasons for this. We would however appreciate that when this situation arises you let us know as soon as possible. This will save us time trying to contact you and perhaps doing unnecessary research on your behalf. Many thanks!



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