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cmms auditingMaintenance Audit using our Maintenance Survey

The maintenance audit process we have developed helps us to determine your CMMS software requirements with a detailed audit of your engineering maintenance department infrastructure.

This is done during a site visit. Our main client market is SMEs so this audit normally takes just one day

Did you know that we can provide free, professional CMMS consultancy with our online maintenance audit requirements survey?

Features of the Maintenance Audit


Please remember! Our survey can be done on-site or just as effectively, anywhere in the world, using our online maintenance audit form. With modern communication methods "geography is now history". This excellent, cost-effective offer gives you a full survey and a recommendation for your most suitable software solution. Click here for more info!

CMMS Feasibility Audit for Maintenance Departments

It may be that your organisation is not suited to the implementation of a CMMS. Should this be the case we sill advise you accordingly after the survey, possibly saving you thousands of pounds investing in a system that you cannot support. Read more here >

If you would prefer to do your own CMMS system selection our CMMS System Specification Kit is the ideal, low-cost solution.

NOTE: Most small to medium size companies do not need complex, expensive maintenance management systems. In essence they need systems that will control the scheduling of planned maintenance, unplanned maintenance and work orders perhaps with some method of producing breakdown and expense reports. Document control may be a requirement for ISO 9000 compliance. There may be a few other requirements, such as stock control and purchasing. This is no problem if your requirements are effectively defined. Bear in mind that the usability of a system will be indirectly proportional to its complexity.



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