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Why would you need our help?

Selecting your CMMS solutions requires specialist knowledge of the the vendors and processes involved. We have this knowledge and can do this for you anywhere in the world using our FREE online CMMS software audit by email. We can also act as negotiators in the approach to software vendors. They will often respond differently when dealing with an Independent CMMS consultant.

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CMMS Selection QuestionsSelecting a CMMS Software Application - What are you required to do?

With our online CMMS Software Selection Survey all you are required to do is complete the survey form. This is a detailed form but it has been designed for ease of use and on-line completion. Many of the questions involve pull down lists from which you need only make a selection.

The form can be easily completed in less than 30 minutes but free assistance is available throughout the process. This is definitely the best way for you to find your perfect CMMS solutions. (Unless you prefer to do this yourself in which case you should use our CMMS Solution Specification Kit).


What Happens Next in the CMMS Selection Process?

When you have submitted the form we analyse your data then produce our report and recommendations. Click here for more information on our online CMMS Selection Survey.



Selecting a CMMS - Quotations and Prices

Some companies do not want their company name to be divulged until ready to make a decision. In these cases we can approach the CMMS sales person or vendor on your behalf. You would remain anonymous. This prevents unwanted sales calls, etc.


What does this CMMS Selection Service Cost?

This service is NOW FREE!




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