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Planned Maintenance Scheduling

planned maintenance scheduling tablePlanned maintenance scheduling and planning software options should have a simple, flexible set up, allowing each asset to have a clearly defined planned maintenance profile.

This may include details of various maintenance scheduled periods, trades required, PM procedures required, estimated job times and when the equipment is available for maintenance. It must also be possible to link assets to the planned maintenance procedure library.


Planned Maintenance Scheduling by Metering Software

The use of metered maintenance, where the planned maintenance routine is scheduled on equipment run time or cycle time, should also be considered. Clearly, this is preferable to maintaining equipment on a fixed period. For example, a monthly planned maintenance routine may be scheduled for equipment that has hardly been used since the previous routine was carried out.


Technician scheduling planned maintenance

It is not always possible to implement this planned maintenance scheduling method but it should be employed anywhere that it is possible to count run time on equipment.



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