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Maintenance CMMS and Reliability Glossary

The Maintenance CMMS and reliability terms and acronyms listed here can be found on the many pages of this website or on other related websites. If you are looking for a maintenance, CMMS or reliability definition and you cannot find it here please let us know and we will ensure that it is added at the next update.

This is a work in progress so if you feel that any of the definitions that follow are wrong or misleading please let us know and we can discuss this and make amendments if required.


Maintenance CMMS Definitions

Asset: Any item of physical plant or equipment, (sometimes referred to as maintainable asset.) Computerised maintenance CMMS Systems normally include an asset register, which lists all recordable assets.

Benchmarking: Benchmarking or maintenance benchmarking is the process of measuring performance levels.

BoM: Bill of Materials.

CAFM: Computer Aided Facility Management. Another term for maintenance CMMS systems.

CAMMS: Computer Aided Maintenance Management System. (See CMMS)

CbM or CM: Condition Based Monitoring or simply Condition Monitoring.

CIM: Computer Integrated Manufacturing.

CMMS: Computerized Maintenance Management System. Maintenance CMMS systems are now widely used in manufacturing, process, service and facilities maintenance control.



ERP: Enterprise Resource Planning.

Failure Code: Codes used for recording failure types in Maintenance CMMS Systems.

FMEA: Failure Modes and Effects Analysis.

FMECA: Failure Modes Effects Criticality Analysis.

FMS: Facilities Management System. (See CAFM)

FFI: Failure Finding Interval

FTA: Fault Tree Analysis

KPI: Key Performance Indicator

Maintenance ShopMaintenance Management: The management and control of all the functions of a maintenance department including, planned and unplanned maintenance, accounting, personnel, etc. This is often controlled with Computerised Maintenance or CMMS systems.

MEA: Maintenance Engineering Analysis.

MRO: Maintenance Repair and Operations.

MTBE: Mean Time Between Events.

MTBF: Mean Time Between Failures.

MTBR: Mean Time Between Repairs.

MTTF: Mean Time To Failure.

MTTR: Mean Time To Repair.

O&M: Operations and Maintenance.

OEE: Overall Equipment Effectiveness.

OEM: Original Equipment Manufacturer.

PdM: Predictive Maintenance.

Periodicity: The interval between planned maintenance routines

Planned Maintenance Routine: A formally recorded procedure for the maintenance of plant or equipment. Computerised Maintenance or CMMS systems are also used to control this.

PM or PPM: Planned Maintenance AKA Planned Preventive Maintenance.

Proactive Maintenance: Maintenance activities designed to minimise the risk of failure of plant or equipment.

Property Management Software: Some property management software applications will normally have some features common to CMMS and CAFM systems for the control of maintenance and repairs. Typically they may also include functionality for the control of Properties, Tenants, Accounts, Suppliers, Insurance and Landlords.

RBI: Risk Based Inspection.

RCA: Root Cause Analysis.

RCFA: Root Cause Failure Analysis

Reactive Maintenance: Breakdown Maintenance or maintenance that takes place as a result of an equipment failure, threat of failure or equipment performance issue.

RCM: Reliability Centred Maintenance

SPC: Statistical Process Control.

TPM: Total Productive Maintenance.

TQM: Total Quality Management.

Unplanned Maintenance: Unplanned Maintenance is the term that is often used to describe breakdowns.


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