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FREE CMMS Software Audit by email

Professional CMMS Vendor's Consultation with no Fees Involved

You may have heard the expression, "Geography is History". We can now CMMS Software Audit by Emaileasily help our clients via our email survey, anywhere in the world. With this latest free service we can conduct a detailed survey of your maintenance software requirements. This is effectively the best way of finding the computerised maintenance management solution that matches your specific CMMS software needs. We can also prepare your software specification for presentation to the selected vendor(s).


Our CMMS Software Audit Process

The Free CMMS Maintenance Audit is a two-way process between you and ourselves. We will send you a detailed questionnaire in Microsoft Word format (other formats by request). Complete this at your leisure, return it to us and we will analyse your data and come up with a recommendation for a CMMS software package that will meet all your requirements, including budget!

You will get this recommendation, along with the reasons that this particular CMMS Software package has been chosen, via email soon after. If you prefer we can provide two or three options. Depending on the data you submit we will also provide you with free, general advice on your implementation.

Conditions of our CMMS Audit

After finding your CMMS software vendor(s) all we ask is that we are permitted to introduce you to them. We maintenance auditnegotiate a referral fee, which they are happy to pay for business that they are unlikely to have attracted themselves. For this reason you must be in a position to purchase your software at the end of the audit. This is the next part of the process so you must have funds available for this.

We would like to emphasise that we have absolutely no agreements that require us to sell any particular CMMS vendor's software, and you have our formal guarantee on this. This guarantee allows us to recommend any vendor we choose in every project.We would also like to stress that the process places you under no obligation to buy. You need only agree to let us introduce you to the CMMS vendor(s). When we have done so you can negotiate, arrange demonstrations and finally assess the software's suitability for your requirements. We can, however, negotiate prices with them for you if you prefer.

This is an excellent method of finding the best maintenance software solution for your company. It saves you the time you would spend searching for suitable packages and studying CMMS vendors' literature. Where else can you get professional consultation for nothing?


CMMS Software Requirements Questionnaire >

(To ensure that you receive your copy enter your full contact details including your company name. Also, please ensure that you Free CMMS Questionnaireuse your company email address.

We have problems with spammers and other consultancies using our information so we cannot provide information to free email addresses like Hotmail, Yahoo and Freeserve.

If you cannot use a company email address let us know why and we will probably be able to accommodate your request.)

NOTE 1: Clients Worldwide have already acknowledged this as an excellent, first stage in their CMMS or computerised maintenance software implementation process.

NOTE 2: We have discontinued the Online audit, which we used to feature, in favour of this audit. This has proved more convenient for our clients.

Still prefer to do it your own Maintenance Software Audit?

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