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Maintenance Management (Plant Maintenance)


What's involved in Today's Maintenance Manager's Role?

maintenance management and workersThe process of Maintenance Management involves managing and controlling many different functions of a plant maintenance department. The Integrated Maintenance Software Systems that are now available include many maintenance management features to assist you with this.

When we think of maintenance management we tend to think first of maintenance scheduling and quite rightly. A significant part of a maintenance manager's role involves planning and scheduling maintenance on the equipment for which he/she is responsible.

This equipment maintenance may just be routine checks, major equipment overhaul or, even more important, statutory and mandatory checks on equipment like cranes, elevators, hoists and lifting gear.

The above is commonly known as planned maintenance management or preventative (preventive) maintenance management, but in a situation where equipment downtime is a factor managers may also be concerned with the management of unplanned maintenance. This will involve a system of maintenance work requesting and reporting to ensure not only that the work gets expedited but that records of the work are maintained for statistical and equipment history recording.



Maintenance Symbols on gear wheelsMaintenance Management Budget

Maintenance managers now have more business and accounting responsibilities than they have ever had. In today's target driven organisations maintenance budgets have to be tightly controlled and planned for each coming year.

Maintenance Shop linkMaintenance spending must be monitored to ensure that targets are met and savings opportunities are investigated. Quite often computerized maintenance management systems are integrated with accounting systems. All maintenance stock control and purchasing may be documented and recorded in enterprise software systems such as SAP, J.D. Edwards, etc.

Other Maintenance Management Responsibilities

Occasionally other functions, even those that were once exclusively part of Human Resources departments such as managing maintenance personnel, may now be part of the maintenance department's remit.

Similarly, maintenance management is often part of a property manager's duties.

So the maintenance manager now has an extensive list of responsibilities. As previously mentioned, the task of ensuring that these are met is made much easier with the use of a modern computerized maintenance management system.



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