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Enterprise Asset Management Systems (EAM)

Stock Stock Control, Inventory Control, Requisitions, Purchasing, Accounts, etc.)

enterprise asset management (EAM) softwareEnterprise Asset Management software packages (EAM) generally include features for controlling all your business processes.

This includes inventory control, stock management and purchasing system options. If you elect to take these options, they should be carefully specified to ensure that it will meet your local enterprise requirements.

One benefit of opting for stock control in EAM is that trade groups can be provided with access to the maintenance stockroom database. This allows them to find spare part numbers and check stock levels of maintenance spares. Most systems now allow spares to be linked to assets, simplifying the search for these and also ensuring that no obsolete spares are held in inventory.

It is worth noting that the greatest financial returns from a CMMS or an EAM system are often achieved through improved inventory and stock control procedures.

Enterprise Asset Management
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Enterprise asset management systems also include Requisition and purchasing options. These are similar to any other computer controlled purchasing packages but again, being part of an enterprise asset management system, they can be used to record and control spare parts usage specifically for maintenance.

This permits functions like automatic reordering at minimum stock levels. These options are not always popular because most companies already have some kind of computerised purchasing and stock control system in place. The prospect of changing to a new system is often daunting and the maintenance department may not be able to call the shots on this.




Enterprise Asset Management Software Integration

If you do already have another stock control and purchasing system in place it must be said that trying to integrate the two systems can create problems. Interfaces can be built but this may require assistance from both vendors at additional cost.

This can be done but remember that upgrades to either system may render your interface obsolete, and requiring further work from the vendors.


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