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asset register foldersAsset Registers and Asset Management

Asset Registers form the core of all Maintenance and Asset Management software packages.

The asset register will hold comprehensive details of each item for which you want to maintain records. Typical data to be stored would include asset number, equipment number, dept., asset name, model, serial number, drawing numbers, purchase price, location, supplier, equipment history and associated spares, etc.

Not all of the fields used in the asset register need be used in your asset management system. It is not uncommon for users to record only the asset number, name, equipment number and location and providing that you don't need any of the other information this is OK.

You should not populate all data fields just because they are available to you. This will create unnecessary work. Use only those that you have defined as being required for your situation.

Ideally, descriptors or headings in the asset management software should be user configurable so that during input users are prompted for data using terminology which is familiar to them. For example, when registering details of a particular piece of equipment, the default input may be called "Asset Location". Specific users may prefer this to be changed to "Assembly Line Number", "Department" or "Building Number".

When details of a specific asset need to be viewed or printed, a search capability should be available on any of the defined fields. This is a big help where you have a large list and you need to "drill down" to find an item within the list.



asset register asset management treeAsset Registers and Hierarchical Systems in Asset Management Software

Asset registers that support hierarchical asset trees are preferred. Sometimes know as parent/child systems, these will assist you to set up your asset register and locations in an organised, logical way. Asset registers are also an important part of property management software.



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