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cmms feasibility study paperCreating a CMMS Feasibility Study

A CMMS Feasibility Study may be required before starting your implementation. Not all businesses will benefit from the introduction of CMMS/CAFM software and systems.

There are many factors involved in making a CMMS/CAFM implementation a success, not least the need for a maintenance, IT and business infrastructure that can support it.

What is a CMMS Feasibility Study?

We can carry out a CMMS/CAFM feasibility study that will ensure that you are in a position to implement a CMMS/CAFM system. This involves an audit of your existing maintenance practices and procedures. Should the results illustrate that it is feasible to proceed we can then enter the computerized maintenance audit process.

In most small to medium enterprises the CMMS Feasibility Study should take no more than one day and it can often be done in half a day.





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