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Fleet Maintenance Software for Vehicles

fleet maintenance software example

Fleet maintenance software or vehicle maintenance software is used by companies who have a large fleet of vehicles that need to be maintained.

Just like a CMMS it is used to control all the assets in your vehicle fleet and to issue ad hoc and planned maintenance work orders for them.

Many modern CMMS systems can be suitably configured to control vehicle fleet maintenance without being specifically designed to do so. In essence 'maintenance is maintenance' whether it be on a fork lift truck, a works van or an electric motor.



Fleet Maintenance Software Using a Standard CMMS App.

A facility management company, manufacturing or process plant may have a fleet of vehicles on their asset registers. In this case they will probably require software that can handle Facilities or manufacturing maintenance as well as fleet maintenance.

Planning maintenance, and mandatory checks on vehicles is not much different from doing so on normal plant.

Some CMMS packages may include a fleet maintenance software module as part of their features or they may offer user definable fields. These are fields in the database that can be configured by the user to match local requirements. If you have specific fleet maintenance software requirements you may want to consider a software application that offers this functionality.

NOTE: Software for ship's maintenance is also referred to as Fleet Maintenance software and some Property Management Software will also include fleet maintenance functionality.



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