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An Excellent, Low Cost, Web Based, Enterprise CMMS System for hire

The Directline on-line web based EAM/CMMS service is a completely scaleable computerised maintenance management solution that you can rent for a low monthly fee.

It is ideal for companies and facilities looking to improve maintenance operations across their whole operations.

Whether you have a small single site with just one or two maintenance technicians or multiple complex operations across several time zones and hundreds of potential users, Directline's Features can help you reduce maintenance and inventory costs for a low monthly subscription fee.

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What is a Web Based CMMS?

web based CMMSBrowser or web based CMMS systems are becoming widely available because of their cost effectiveness when compared with locally installed systems. For a low monthly fee you can have an enterprise asset management system with all the features that are normally available in top tier CMMS software systems.


The vendors of these web based systems offer you a full service that is available through any web browser meaning that your staff can have access to it anywhere there is an Internet connection. This makes it ideal for sites that have more than one location, companies with mobile service engineers or single sites who need a quick and well supported implementation.

Some of the more complex locally installed CMMS systems require lots of local IT support. The cost of installing and implementing the system is increased by the IT section overhead. There will also be ongoing IT support required.

SaaS (rented) CMMS software has none of these overheads. The software is set up, maintained and backed up for you by the CMMS vendor. Everything is taken care of. All you have to do is enter your user ID and password and you are off and running. You can have a fully installed and working CMMS system within a day of signing up.

Directline is available to hire on a monthly basis without any requirement for a long term contract. This means that it is very easy for you to quit at any time. Your CMMS application service provider therefore has a vested interest in ensuring that you are provided with full support. Clearly they want to retain you as a customer so they will ensure that the service provided is good as they can provide.

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CMMS featuresFeatures of this CMMS

The Directline CMMS system is available in versions that are designed for ...


Directline employs the latest in integration technologies to allow you to integrate other applications and data into the system to get more benefits from your maintenance management system. Integrating Time Cards, Financial Systems, Bar Coding Systems, Fuelling Cards or Shop Floor data has never been easier.

The Account Management team is at your disposal to configure the integration, help you collect the data and assist you in translating the results into meaningful information.


It is a completely scaleable enterprise asset management solution that includes access to as many as 26 modules including those for the control of ...

Directline is also available in many languages including ...




All of the above features are available in a user friendly package that is easy for your personnel to learn. Access to the system is guaranteed continuously.

Unlimited training and technical support are provided online with dedicated individuals who know you and your unique needs.



Benefits of Renting (SaaS) v Buying CMMS Software


A full data migration and conversion service is available. If you already have a CMMS system Directline can export the data from this to the new system.

The Directline service also includes customization of the application and the user interface to meet your unique requirements.

To convince you that Directline will meet your needs we can arrange an online demo of the software at a time that is convenient to you. We will also provide an evaluation version. Contact us about this now >

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Costs Involved

cost of web based cmms

Directline is available to rent in a package to suit the needs of your specific site. Clearly the level of access required to the system will vary according to the size of each site or organisation.

When you opt for a standard, locally installed system is there are often additional costs for hardware. It may be that you need to purchase additional PCs to upgrade those that are in use or you may need a new server with additional software to run the system. With Directline you do not need any of these. All you need to use this system is an existing PC with an Internet connection. No involvement is required from your IT people.

The system is available on a metered access basis. Priced to be highly competitive small organisations may only need to pay as little as about £100 ($200) per month. When you sign up you can do so for the minimum amount to determine how much access you require. You can upgrade your level of access at any time.

Use our Directline Online Enquiry Form if you would like prices for your site.


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Technical Support and Training Online

Unlike other CMMS systems where you may only have email access to technical support the Directline Helpdesk is available 24/7. You can get unlimited support or training anytime you require it. For the low price you pay for this service this is a major benefit.

Web CMMS Training

Traditional methods of Asset Management and CMMS training require expensive trainers or consultants to come on site or key users must be sent to a vendor’s training facility for what can be an intense marathon of crash courses. With Directline, training is done at your pace.

Continuous training is included as part of the monthly service. It is conveniently offered to customers when and where they want it. By using the internet Directline guide their customers through the logon and “shadow” their experience while going through the training process.

Training can be done all at once or an hour at a time. It’s a matter of fitting the training schedule into your agenda. Most customers appreciate this commitment and style of training because as new employees are introduced to the application or existing employees are asked to take on additional responsibilities, they are encouraged to book appointments with a trainers at no additional cost.

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Web CMMS Demo and Enquiries

Online Enquiry Form >

As we said earlier, to confirm that Directline will meet your needs we can arrange an online demo of the software at a time that is convenient to you. We can also let you have an evaluation version to use for yourself.

We can also answer any questions you may have about Directline or about online CMMS systems in general. You can contact us via our regular contact page or my making an enquiry using our Online Enquiry Form.



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