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Maintenance and Reliability Training Products

Maintenance and Reliability training products are amongst the items listed in our "maintenance shop". You can also purchase CMMS Specification and Evaluation Material online.

Perspective CMMS has combined with other leading edge maintenance and technician training and product providers to bring you the excellent maintenance products listed below.

maintenance and reliability training products - buy online

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Our Unique CMMS Specification and Evaluation Kit

(Via email - no shipping charges. The kit includes the CMMS specification document, an instruction document and your copy of the CMMS evaluation spreadsheet. No refunds given.) MORE DETAILS. Money Back Guarantee: If you find that this is not what you are looking let us know within five days and we will return your payment.
CMMS Specification Kit
Our Price £99.00 GBP or approx. $160.00 USD


You may also purchase our 60 day email support option. This entitles you to unlimited email support with your CMMS specification and evaluation during this period.
Our Price £50.00 GBP or
approx. $90 USD

(Do not select this support option if you have not selected the CMMS Specification Kit above)



CMMS Insider's Guide

CMMS Insider's Guide (Via email - no shipping charges)
This is our excellent 25 page guide that tells you all you need to know about CMMS selection and implementation in easily understood language.
Our Price £25.00 GBP or Approx. $40 USD





Maintenance and Reliability Training eBooks

technician training materials from feedforwardWe are also affiliates of FeedForward, a website that supplies low cost, high quality, best-practice maintenance, reliability, engineering and manufacturing training materials and CDs. Click here for more details. (Opens in a new window.)


Payment for your Maintenance and Reliability Products



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